Relaxing Gong Bath sessions near Warlingham

Why wait for the next monthly Gong Bath when you can book a private sound session in a home environment at a time to suit you? Arrange an individual sound healing session or invite friends or family to join you in a relaxing shared Gong Bath as a special treat. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of gongs, crystal bowls and Himalayan singing bowls as you lay on a memory foam mat with your favourite pillow and blanket.

Gong bath home setup

Continue reading to find out more about individual and shared sessions, and the potential therapeutic benefits of sound healing and relaxation.

An individual therapeutic sound healing session

An individual sound healing session in a home setting focuses on relaxation to promote and support your healing and wellbeing. Your sound therapy takes place in a peaceful, quiet, nurturing environment, and there is no one else to disturb or distract you as you become deeply relaxed. 

What is sound healing?

 Sound healing can be defined as the therapeutic use of sound to bring a person back into a state of harmony and wellbeing. Healing is a process that takes place over time, it is a journey, not a quick solution. Often there are several underlying factors that need to be addressed. Sound therapy is not a cure but a support for the body so that recovery can be encouraged.

When a family member was in ICU it was explained that the function of the life support was to take over the work of breathing, cleansing blood etc so that the body could be free to focus entirely on healing itself. The equipment supports the organs – the body gets on with healing when it is given the right conditions. 

The sounds used in a Gong Bath are carefully chosen to lower stress, promote calmness and ease you into a deeply relaxed state. By encouraging deep relaxation, a sound therapy helps to provide the right conditions to enable the body and mind to become harmonised and promote a sense of balance and wellbeing. Sound therapy is holistic in that it treats the body as a whole – mind and body – a single system, the whole person.

An individual Sound Bath will include the opportunity to discuss health issues/concerns and if you wish, set a specific intention for the session.

Benefits often include:

  • the reduction of anxiety levels
  • improved sleep quality
  • help with digestive issues
  • support with pain management
  • calming the mind to help with decision making and improve concentration and memory
  • feeling refreshed and energised


Shared relaxation Gong Bath sessions for two or three participants

An exclusive private group Gong Bath session in a home environment offers you the opportunity of experiencing a nurturing, relaxing session for 2-3 people. This can be a ‘one-off’ session for friends and or family to enjoy as a special treat, a shared experience in a calm, quiet, location.

The group will be treated a whole with a focus on relaxation and will include a brief introduction to the instruments and ample opportunity for questions. This would be a wonderful opportunity to de-stress, energise and nurture your system as you enjoy a refreshing and relaxing experience with people you know. Children can attend from the age of 11 but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Discover the benefits of relaxation

 Relaxation is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. A Gong Bath will help to reduce the symptoms of stress to give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation – a tonic for your entire system. During a sound therapy session your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and brainwave frequencies slow down. As brain waves slow down, you may experience an Altered State of Consciousness, a deeply relaxed meditative state. People often become so deeply relaxed that they dip in and out of sleep.

During a gong bath sound is used to encourage brainwave levels to slow from Beta (normal wakefulness) to Alpha (daydreaming state), through to Theta (meditative state) and possibly to Delta (deep sleep). This happens when our brainwaves begin to slow and tune in to the stronger, slower sound frequencies of the gongs or other therapeutic instruments. This is called entrainment.

 When we are alert and awake, we are in Beta mode (12 – 30 cycles per second). This is a normal waking state, eyes open, we are alert, listening, thinking, and processing the world around us with focused attention. In modern society we spend most of our time in this mode, often finding it difficult to take time to calm down and relax.

As we close our eyes and brainwaves begin to slow as they react to the sounds, we enter the daydreaming state when Alpha frequencies (8 – 12 CPS) dominate. We experience an overall sense of relaxation and calm. It can be considered the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is a state in which we daydream, recall memories, experience visual imagery, positive mood, and experience the world as it is. You remain conscious and peaceful and have an awareness of the body and mind.

When brainwave frequencies slow to Theta levels (4 – 8CPS) we hover just above sleep. Here you reach a deep meditative state and dreaming sleep. In this state you may have spiritual or religious experiences, and access to the subconscious mind supressed memories and emotions. This is an opportunity for aspects of your life to be brought to your attention so that healing can take place at a fundamental level. You may also have moments of intuition, inspiration, or creativity.

 Occasionally, if your body really needs it, you will sleep and drift into Delta mode (0.1 – 3.5 CPS). In this state the conscious and subconscious mind has time out for deep, dreamless sleep. We are unconscious and deeply relaxed in this very nourishing state during which the body can repair and rebalance. We wake feeling refreshed and energised.

Your entire system needs time to refresh and rest. When we relax it helps to strengthen and support the immune system. If we can allow ourselves the opportunity to experience these slower brainwave states (Alpha, Theta, and Delta) on a regular basis it will enable the brain and body to reset and balance, and encourage an overall sense of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and positivity.

To get the most out of a Gong Bath be open to possibilities. Release expectations and outcomes and trust that your body will facilitate the process. This will involve engagement and awareness of your mind, your emotions, your physicality, and the support of your faith or spiritual convictions. Be compassionate and non-judgmental with yourself, accept responsibility for the process and trust the healing journey.

Please contact Sue to find out more or book an event or session.

You too could benefit from the kind of experiences described above.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve sleep and energy levels

Feel positive with a sense of wellbeing

Feel a sense of wellbeing

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