Data Protection Information

Data Protection Information and Consent Form

The changes in Data Protection Legislation that come into force on 25th May 2018 legally oblige me to provide you with the following information:

What is included under personal data

The personal data I hold about you may include:

  • Your phone number, email address, postal address.
  • e-mails and e-mail attachments, SMS/Whatsapp messages we have exchanged.
  • The initial Client Form which you have completed.
  • Brief notes for each treatment session.

How do I store your personal data

  • Your initial client form is stored securely in a locked filing cabinet.
  • Your phone number is stored on my mobile phone using your first name only. My phone is code-locked and is kept secure at all times.
  • Our e-mail correspondence is password-protected and my e-mail service provider ensures that the e-mails are secure and encrypted.
  • Treatment session records are kept as hard copy in a locked filing cabinet.
  • Appointments are booked using your first name only.

Why do I need to hold your personal data?

  • In order to be able to communicate with you via phone, e-mail or post if necessary.
  • So that I have a record of your attendance and a note of important factual information that may be of significance in our healing sessions.
  • It is a requirement of my insurance provider.

How long will I keep your personal data for?

  • My insurance provider requires me to keep any client records for 7 years after completing treatment.
  • After 7 years from completion of treatment sessions, all electronic data will be permanently deleted, and any hard copies shredded and disposed of.

Your right to see the personal data I hold about you.

  • The legislation states that you have the right to see the personal data I am holding about you.
  • If you wish to do so, you can ask to see your personal data, and I will be required to provide this for you within 30 days of your request.

When may I share your personal information with third parties.

There are a limited number of circumstances in which I may share your personal data and other information with third parties.

  • Where required by the court of law.
  • If your safety or that of a vulnerable adult or child is imminently at risk.
  • If you request and/or give me consent to share your information with another health professional for the purposes of improving your care.
  • I may discuss some aspects of my client work with my colleague who is an experienced practitioner also bound by the rules of confidentiality.

What will happen to your personal data if I am indisposed?

In an unlikely event of me being taken seriously ill and being permanently incapacitated, you will be informed of this.

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