“Yesterday’s gong bath session was unbelievably lovely – I floated out both fully energised and deeply calm. You create such a peaceful and nurturing space. I have no idea how you create such a range of sounds and flow so harmoniously between instruments. Blissful!”

Mike, Cobham, Surrey

“Sue created a calm and inviting atmosphere, and she demonstrated the various instruments before embarking on the session so that we knew what to expect and how everything worked. The session itself was deeply relaxing; I lost track of time and extremely surprised to learn that an hour had passed. The depth and range of sounds that were achieved was quite staggering, and there was a real sense of structure and progression. We started with singing bowls, before moving onto the gongs themselves – these are magical! We finished with a variety of more energising sounds to bring us round from our deep relaxation. I’m a total convert and I look forward to the next session.”

Claire, Effingham, Surrey

“I found this session energising and rejuvenating – it made me feel like hopping and skipping, so carefree! I took a deep breath and felt the sensation of floating –  it was surreal and I felt very happy and peaceful feelings wash over me. The haunting sounds were quite wonderful and dream-like. My hands and joints are no longer painful (arthritis) and the pain relief lasted for several days.  I feel happy and more energetic and my sleep improved after the session.”

Gina, Woldingham, Surrey

“When I first went to a gong bath I was not really sure what to expect. Sue gave a lovely introduction about what I might feel and I was quite amazed how time seemed to disappear as I shut my eyes and listened to the sounds. During the first session I sneaked a look at my watch and was astonished to find that nearly 50 minutes had passed….it felt like 5! Every time I have gone I seem to experience different things, sometimes colours in my mind, strange feeling in odd joints and weightlessness to name but a few. The overarching feeling at the end of the session is of a relaxed self which has a positive effect that lasts sometimes for days. I also sleep better after a session.”

Tracy, Ashtead, Surrey

“An immensely useful and powerful session. Despite knowing a bit about energy and sound healing already this just blew me away. The positive difference it made was evident straight away and the benefits carried on for days afterwards. I slept like a log, aches and pains noticeably reduced and I found more clarity and focus too. Working with Sue offers a double whammy effect! She is a skilled musician (with that extra trained ear) and then an intuitive, kind and non-judgemental person on top. That combination really works on another level, quite literally.”

“My session was extraordinary. Thank you!”

Gabi, Gosforth, Northumberland

“After a year of doing everything for everyone else it was such a joy to take some time for me. The gong bath experience was utter relaxation and I was on the edge of sleep when it ended.  This was amazing because I have terrible insomnia at the moment and haven’t slept properly in months. I haven’t let go like that for a long time and it was wonderful. I saw waves of colour during the gong section, deep purple and black radiating upwards, which was both beautiful and calming. This was my second gong bath and I thought your idea of demonstrating all the bowls and gongs beforehand was brilliant; there was no temptation to peek to see what was making that ethereal sound! I floated home, kissed the kids, had a nap and have felt wonderful ever since. Thank you, Sue. You’re very talented and I’ll definitely come again.”

Catherine, North Holmwood, Surrey

“I LOVED IT!!!!”

“I was really tired, combination of work and young children!!! Both children are now much better at sleeping through but I often wake up and then can’t get back to sleep. After the gong bath I had the best night’s sleep in ages. My whole body felt relaxed and I drifted off easily too which doesn’t always happen. I’ve been feeling pretty zen ever since…..might need another one during the teaching assessments!!”

Kerry, Bookham, Surrey

“Thank you so much, we really enjoyed our gong bath – so relaxing! We both felt energised and uplifted afterwards.”

Annabel and Paula, Surrey

“I just wanted to thank you for the session earlier today. The end of term has been exhausting and it was wonderful to hit the reset button with the gong bath. I feel human again!”

Mike, Cobham, Surrey

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