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Date(s) - November 9, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am

St Teresa's School


Enjoy a Relaxing Gong Bath

Experience how Sound Therapy can help you to reduce stress and re-balance and nourish your system.

Lay on a yoga mat (with a pillow and blanket) and listen to the therapeutic sounds of Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls and Gongs. Contact Sue now on 07803 015 578 to book your Gong Bath or find out more.

Corporate gong bathWhen: Saturday morning between 10.00 am and 11.00.

Where: St Teresa’s School, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6ST

Cost: £20.00 per person

Parking: Available

What you need: A yoga mat, your favourite pillow and a cosy blanket

A Gong Bath is an incredibly relaxing sound experience that can make the everyday stresses of life ebb away. It is a gentle form of Sound Therapy that can ease you into a deep, nourishing sense of calm. You even start to remember what it feels like to really stop and rest.

“Yesterday’s gong bath session was unbelievably lovely – I floated out both fully energised and deeply calm. You create such a peaceful and nurturing space. I have no idea how you create such a range of sounds and flow so harmoniously between instruments. Blissful!” Mike, Cobham, Surrey

Following the Gong Bath

In the days that follow people often experience real benefits. Many have said they enjoyed better sleep and awakened feeling properly refreshed. Sound therapy is excellent for reducing stress which in turn has a wealth of associated benefits. The combination of reduced stress and better sleep also helps to increase your energy levels. Many participants have said that this unique type of Sound Therapy helps them feel a strong sense of wellbeing and they leave with a positive mood.

Why not come and see what it is like to experience the beautiful gentle sounds produced by Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Bowls? Your entire system (body, mind, and emotions) will be nourished as the music lulls you into a deep state of relaxation. Sound Therapy is a recognised therapeutic treatment that has been shown to encourage an overall improvement in health and wellbeing.

What to expect during a Gong BathHimalayan Bowls

During a Gong Bath people often feel a profound sense of peace and relaxation. Some participants experience images, patterns, colours or even ‘movies’ in their minds eye. Others have moments of inspiration or insights into solving a problem which has been bothering them. Some even find relief from pain but all report feeling a reduction of stress and a deep sense of calm.

Time stands still

Losing the sense of time during a Gong Bath is a common experience and some people often feel that only five or ten minutes have passed when the Gong Bath actually lasted for nearly an hour. Afterwards, some are glowing with feelings of joy and wonder. To get the full benefits from your Gong Bath we recommended that you take it easy and nurture yourself as much as possible in the days that follow. Spend as much time as possible outdoors connecting with nature.

What you need to do

To enjoy the therapeutic effect of a relaxing Gong Bath you need to give yourself the gift of an hour of your time and wear comfortable clothing. Lie on a yoga mat with your favourite pillow and a cosy blanket. This is your time to relax, a time to stop and enjoy the benefits of closing your eyes and allowing the beautiful sounds to wash over you.

Group Gong Bath sessionWhat to expect on the day

A Gong Bath begins with soothing sounds on the Himalayan bowls; they produce gentle, soft bell-like sounds and warm, soothing, nurturing, long sounds to encourage deep relaxation. When the Gongs take over their deep sounds are often felt vibrating within your body. Later in the Gong Bath the pure, clear sounds of the Crystal Bowls will be heard. These beautiful bowls are deeply relaxing and create a hypnotic and timeless effect. The Gong Bath ends with a range of therapeutic percussion instruments. The sounds of chimes, rain stick, and shakers bring everyone back to a more wakeful state.

Afterwards, many people look little dazed and it can take a little time to come back to reality before you are ready to return home. There is no rush, and everyone can take the time they need. This can be an opportunity to share experiences either with one another, the group or on a more personal level with Sue.

For more information please visit our page on the Gong Bath Experience.

“I found this session energising and rejuvenating – it made me feel like hopping and skipping, so carefree! I took a deep breath and felt the sensation of floating –  it was surreal and I felt very happy and peaceful feelings wash over me. The haunting sounds were quite wonderful and dream-like. My hands and joints are no longer painful (arthritis) and the pain relief lasted for several days.  I feel happy and more energetic and my sleep improved after the session.” Gina, Woldingham, Surrey

Where can I experience a Gong Bath?

When: Saturday morning between 10.00 am 11.00 am.

Where: St Teresa’s School, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6ST

Cost: £20.00 per person

Parking: Available

What you need: A yoga mat, your favourite pillow and a cosy blanket

Contact Sue now on 07803 015 578 to book your Gong Bath or find out more.